The Distance Is Nothing

quote on photo of boy jumping off cliff

9th October 2011

The Distance Is Nothing
It Is Only The First Step That Is Difficult

Marie du Deffand

This photograph is of my son jumping off a cliff in Jamaica, he was fifteen at the time and I had always thought that he was scared of heights because when he was younger he never liked the fairground rides that went up in the air. When we arrived at this place and he noticed the people queuing to jump he wanted to have a go. I was surprised and didn't expect him to do it. There was a woman before him and she stepped up to the edge and hesitated, peering over to take a look at the long drop down, she stood there for a while deciding whether or not to take that first step into the unknown, but eventually she turned and walked away. My son then walked forward and without hesitation stepped off the edge, I managed to get this photo even though I was shocked that he had done it. After coming to the surface with a big grin, he climbed all the way back to the top to do it again!

Often in life, no matter how great a task, it is usually the first step that is the most difficult to take, getting onto the 'path' that will lead us to our goal can take a lot of courage, but once that first step is taken, it becomes easier to continue the journey.