Spiritual Quotes To Live By: N to S

The spiritual quotes on this page are from sources and authors surnames N through to S. The other pages are:  A to B,  C to E,  F to K,  L to M,  and T to Z.  There is also a page of Spiritual Sayings from unknown sources.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Spiritual Quotes:  N   

Mikhail Naimy  1889 – 1988
How much more infinite a sea is man? Be not so childish as to measure him from head to foot and think you have found his borders.

Native American

Native American
We are each a thread in the web of life, strengthened by the promise of our dreams.

Native American

Native American – Blackfoot
When we lift our hands we signify our dependence on the Great Spirit.

Native American

Native American – Cherokee
May your way be blessed with life by the unifying force of the Great Holy Spirit.

O Great Spirit
Help me always:
To speak the truth quietly
To listen with an open mind when others speak
And to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

Native American-Cherokee quote: Help me always: To speak the truth quietly, To listen with an open mind when others speak.. - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byspiritual quote – Seth & Lucy
Native American

Native American – Cherokee
The whole Earth belongs to the Great Spirit.

Native American

Native American – Chinook
We call upon all that we hold most sacred, the presence and power of the Great Spirit of love and truth which flows through all the Universe, to be with us to… Teach us, and show us the Way.

Native American

Native American – Crow
Man’s law changes with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the spirit remain always the same.

Native American

Native American – Hopi
Wisdom comes when you stop looking for it and start living the life the Creator intended for you.

Native American

Native American – Iroquois
We return thanks to our Mother, the Earth, which sustains us. We return thanks to the rivers and streams, which supply us with water. We return thanks to all herbs, which furnish medicines for the cure of our diseases. We return thanks to the moon and stars, which have given us their light when the sun was gone. We return thanks to the sun, that has looked upon the Earth with a beneficent eye. Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in whom is embodied all goodness, and who directs all things for the good of her children.

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Native American

Native American – Lakota
Teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.

Native American

Native American – Sauk
Sharing and giving are the ways of God.

Native American

Native American – Seneca
The Great Spirit does right. He knows what is best for His children.

Native American

Native American – Ute
God gives us each a song.

Michael Neill

Michael Neill
To be fully present with what is, is to be content, and to be content, is to be blessed by everything that happens in life.

Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson
Spiritual abilities such as intuition, healing and mediumship are not the gifts of a select few… They are natural ways of living that are within every person.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche  1844 – 1900
Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich  1342 – 1416
God is nearer to us than our own soul: for He is [the] Ground in whom our Soul standeth, and He is [the] Mean that keepeth the Substance and the Sense-nature together so that they shall never dispart. For our soul sitteth in God in very rest, and our soul standeth in God in very strength, and our Soul is kindly rooted in God in endless love: and therefore if we will have knowledge of our Soul, and communing and dalliance therewith, it behoveth to seek unto our Lord God in whom it is enclosed.

Praise to the Holiest in the height
And in the depth be praise…
All is well, All is well, All shall be well

Henri Nouwen  1932 – 1996
Prayer requires that we stand in God’s presence with open hands, naked and vulnerable, proclaiming to ourselves and to others that without God we can do nothing.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Spiritual Quotes:  O   

Ohiyesa aka Charles Alexander Eastman

Ohiyesa aka Charles Alexander Eastman  1858 – 1939
We were taught generosity to the poor and reverence for the Great Mystery. Religion was the basis of all Indian training.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Gary Oliver
God doesn’t want us merely to ‘get through’ our problems. He wants us to ‘grow through them.’

Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver  1935 – 2019
Maybe death isn’t darkness after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us.

Mary Oliver quote: Maybe death isn’t darkness after all, but so much light wrapping itself around us. - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byspiritual quote
Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono  1933
We are never alone.  We are all aspects of one great Being.  No matter how far apart we are the air links us.

spiritual quote
Orin-Sanaya Roman

Orin-Sanaya Roman
Spiritual growth involves developing the ability to understand yourself and to act in higher ways. Do not make yourself wrong if you have a lot of turbulence in your life; see it as an opportunity to grow and know more about yourself.

The spiritual path can be one of immense joy.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Spiritual Quotes:  P   

Swami Paramananda

Swami Paramananda  1884 – 1940
Self-realization means that we have been consciously connected with our Source of being. Once we have made this connection, then nothing can go wrong.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Tony Parsons
The dream we are living has absolutely no purpose other than our Awakening.

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal  1623 – 1662
We shall not die alone.

St Paul

St Paul  5 – 67
God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance.

Joseph Chilton Pearce  1926
We accept that this creative pulse within us is God’s creative pulse itself.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Helen Pearson
The Lord can do great things through those who don’t care who gets the credit.

M. Scott Peck

M. Scott Peck  1936 – 2005
The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one.

George Peele  1556 – 1596

Creatures, as numerous as they be
Are subject to His care
There’s not a place where we can flee
But God is present there
Lord, how Thy wonders are displayed
Where’er I turn mine eye
If I survey the ground I tread
Or gaze upon the sky

Anna Pereira
We all have different religious beliefs, different views on Spiritualism. How tolerant we are of others views, show how close we are to Inner Peace.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry  1984
I actually finally let the light in and then I was able to create all these songs that were inspired by letting the light in and doing some self-reflection and just kind of working on myself.

I’m wide awake, need nothing to complete myself.

John-Francis Phipps

John-Francis Phipps
What matters is the wholehearted recognition of the wonder and beauty of the whole vital process.  Vital in every sense of the work, the way it functions and how everything is interconnected.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

O. Pirmez
When we love, we are the Universe and the Universe lives in us.


Plato  429BC – 347BC
Is that which is Holy loved by the Gods because it is Holy, or is it Holy because it is loved by the Gods?

This world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence… a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.

Plato quote: This world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence, a single visible living entity containing all other living entities.. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Pleiadians-Barbara Marciniak

Pleiadians-Barbara Marciniak
Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.

You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.


Plotinus  204 – 270
All that is in Heaven is also on Earth.

spiritual quote
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Christopher Porteous

His eyes will guide my footsteps
When faltering age is near
His light will lift my darkness
And help my ears to hear

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

John Powell
God sends each person into this world with a special message to deliver, with a special song to sing, with a special act of love to bestow.

John Powell quote: God sends each person into this world with a special message to deliver, with a special song to sing, with a special act of love to bestow. - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byspiritual quote – Gloria & Julie (1979)
James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh  1958
Based on our natural heritage as the Divine Light of God, every one of us possesses intuition… defined as the language of the Soul.

Our connection with our intuitive self is ever present and always a part of ourselves.

Possessing intuition is having an absolute trust in yourself. It is the only way to fulfill your highest aspirations and desires.

We all come to this planet as spiritual beings destined to experience a variety of challenges and situation in order to grow and evolve spiritually.

We use intuition as a way to connect with our Divine Self.

Pierre Pradervand

Pierre Pradervand
It is impossible to bless and judge at the same time. So hold constantly as a deep, hallowed, intoned thought, that desire to bless. For truly then shall you become a peacemaker. And one day you shall, everywhere, behold the very face of God.

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play…bless them. The peace of your blessing will accompany them on their way and the aura of its gentle fragrance will be a light to their path.

The practise of blessing is a simple way to develop a constantly centred awareness. It is also a tool for growing in universal love and avoiding judgement.

spiritual quote
Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini  1858 – 1924
The music of this opera (Madame Butterfly) was dictated to me by God; I was merely instrumental in putting it on paper and communicating it to the public.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Spiritual Quotes:  R   

Osho Rajneesh

Osho Rajneesh  1931 – 1990
Each person comes into the world with a specific destiny.  He has something to fulfill  some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed.  You are not here accidentally, you are here meaningfully.  There is a purpose behind you. The Whole intends to do something through YOU.

Paradise is not somewhere else.. It is within you. And it is not in some other time, after death.. It is in you right now.

There is no other God other than life itself.

Red Cloud (Chief) 1822 – 1909
God Almighty has made us all.

Grantland Rice

Grantland Rice  1880 – 1954
When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.

Norman Rice

Norman Rice  1943
Dare to reach your hand out into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.

spiritual quote
Stephen Richards

Stephen Richards 
Your core, lying deep within you, is what makes you what you are. Some call it the Soul, the Higher Self, the True Self, the Being and so on. The name is unimportant once you realize that you are more than your looks and outward appearance.

spiritual quote
Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke  1875 – 1926
Our heart always transcends us.

Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins  1960
God’s delays are not God’s denials.

spiritual quote
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

John Roger 
Dig deeply into the spring of love and partake of it.  The supply is infinite.

One way you can learn to maintain the Soul centre, which is oneness with God, is to bring together all aspects of your life’s expression in the attitude of loving.

Thanksgiving is every day…  because in this physical body you can spring into eternal paradise.

When you attune to Spirit, there is nothing in the outer world that matters.

Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen
By developing your own intuitive power, you will learn to trust and depend on your knowing as well as recognize and interpret spirit energy – a support system available to you at any time.

John Ross (Chief) 1790 – 1866
May the Lord bring you out of all your troubles. Trust your course with Him.

Gabrielle Roth

Gabrielle Roth  1941 – 2012
Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.

spiritual quote
J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling  1965
We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.

Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
All creation is Him,  but for eyes that can see.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
As you start to walk out on the Way..   The Way appears.

Rumi quote: As you start to walk out on the Way..   The Way appears. - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byspiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

I belong to no religion. My religion is Love. Every heart is my temple.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
In the garden ~ I see only your face
From trees and blossoms ~ I inhale only your fragrance

Let yourself be loved, O Beloved, in the One. And from this One move out into the world, carrying within you the great potent energies of life to green your world, to create planets, suns, stars, stones, waves, oceans, to create new forms of life and expression – whether friendship, a feeling or a new form of vocation.

Listen my love, illumination is eternal. Now is always evolving.
As there are billions of stars, there are billions of steps.
As there are billions of Souls, there are billions of ways to grow.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
Only from the heart can you touch the sky.

Respond to every call that excites your Spirit.

Rumi quote: Respond to every call that excites your Spirit. - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byspiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
The breeze of dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth, where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

The message behind the words is the voice of the heart.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
There is a voice that doesn’t use words.. Listen.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
We rarely hear the inward music, but we’re dancing to it nevertheless.

Whoever has parted from his source longs to return to that state of union.

You are not a drop in the ocean… you are the entire ocean in a drop.

Rumi quote: You are not a drop in the ocean... you are the entire ocean in a drop. - Spiritual Quotes To Live Byspiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
Your heart is the size of an ocean.  Go find yourself in its hidden depths.

Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.

spiritual quote
Jalal Uddin Rumi

Jalal Uddin Rumi  1207 – 1272  
You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings…
Learn to use them and fly.

Walter Russell

Walter Russell  1871 – 1963
The healing principle is within man himself. Mans power to heal himself, or extend his healing power to others, is measured by his awareness of God in him.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Spiritual Quotes:  S   

Radha Sahar
The whole of planet Earth is a sacred site. All people are the chosen people, and the purpose of our lives is a spiritual one. May we care for each other, and for the Earth, for everything relates to everything else.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Antoine de Saint-Exupery  1900 – 1944
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer  1875 – 1965
At times our own light goes out and it is rekindled by a spark from another being. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

C. C. Scott
The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

spiritual quote
Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle  1780 – 1866
We are all children of the Great Spirit, we all belong to Mother Earth.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Chief Senachwine  c. 1744 – 1831
The monitor within my breast has taught me the will of the Great Spirit.

Jane Roberts

Seth-Jane Roberts  1929 – 1984 
Within your physical atoms the origins of all consciousness still sings.

spiritual quote
Jane Roberts

Seth-Jane Roberts  1929 – 1984 
You each have the same energy and it sings within you. You need not be shy of it, it is your own. You need not look to gurus, or Gods, or Seths. It dwells within your own being.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  1956
Do not look for God somewhere in the sky, but see God in every pair of eyes, in the mountains, in water, in trees and in animals.

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw  1856 – 1950
The best place to find God is in a garden.

There is only one religion…  though there are a hundred versions of it.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Michele Shea
I learned that the real creator was my inner self, the Shakti. That desire to do something is God inside talking through us.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley  1792 – 1822

The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean
The winds of Heaven mix forever
With a sweet emotion
Nothing in the world is single
All things by a law Divine
In one spirit meet and mingle
Why not I with thine?

Betty Shine

Betty Shine  1929 – 2002
The replacement of negative thought with positive thought brings about a spiritual and physical change that can heal.

spiritual quote
Francis Scovel Shinn

Francis Scovel Shinn  1871 – 1940
Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.

Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull (Chief)  1831 – 1890
God made me an Indian.

I am here by the will of the Great Spirit, and by His will I am a chief.

I know the Great Spirit is looking down upon me from above, and will hear what I say.

Will Smith

Will Smith  1968
Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, God-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste, it’s something that truly exists in all of us.

Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira  1960
The greatest discovery in life is to discover that our essential nature does not share the limits nor the destiny of the body and mind.

spiritual quote
John Shelby Spong

John Shelby Spong  1931
The idea that the truth of God can be bound in any human system by any human creed by any human book is almost beyond imagination for me. God is not a Christian, God is not a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu or Buddhist, all of those are human systems which human beings have created to try to help us walk into the mystery of God. I honour my tradition, I walk through my tradition, but I don’t believe my tradition defines God. I think it only points me to God.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon  1834 – 1892
He who climbs above the cares of this world,  and turns his face to his God, has found the sunny side of life.

spiritual quote

Wess Stafford  1949
Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.

spiritual quote – Julie with Joey & Amy (2012)

Jose Stevens & Lena Stevens
Imagination connects us with the web of power and the spirit in all things.

Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens  1939
Everything is beautiful in it’s own way.  Like the starry summer night,  or a snow-covered winter’s day.  And everybody’s beautiful in their own way.  Under God’s Heaven, the world’s gonna find the way.

There is none so blind as he who will not see.  We must not close our minds,  we must let our thoughts be free.  For every hour that passes by,  we know the world gets a little bit older, it’s time to realize that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson  1850 – 1894
The best things are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, Light in your eyes, Flowers at your feet, Duties at your hand, The Path of God just before you.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Sufi Proverb
To search for God with logical proof is like searching for the sun with a lamp.

Emmanuel Swedenborg

Emmanuel Swedenborg  1688 – 1772
Each lifetime and each relationship within each lifetime is an opportunity to experience love. When you see each other as the Divine and eternal beings that you are, you will never cease to wonder and to glory in the coming together.

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