It Is The Key That Fits The Lock Of Everybody's Heart

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25th April 2015
Smile - Blog 55

It Is The Key That Fits The Lock Of Everybody's Heart
Anthony J. D'Angelo

Thinking that it was about time I wrote another blog, I looked at the next quote from my list yesterday and thought 'What on earth can I write about smiling!' So I never started. Today though I was in a better frame of mind and sat down and prepared the page. I knew that if I asked for guidance, ideas would come to me, as they always do. I simply closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, surrounded myself with love and light and asked in my mind for guidance in what to write, knowing that my request would be answered. Immediately the Abraham-Hicks quote from their book "Ask And It Is Given" came to mind and then I 'remembered' a message that I was given many years ago. For me, this is a simple reminder of how approaching anything with a positive thought and open mind, makes all the difference.

It was in the late nineties that I was given a message from spirit that my smile was noticed by many and that I should continue to smile at everyone because of the upliftment that it can bring. The medium went on to tell me that I could be walking down the road one day and pass a stranger who was so depressed that they were thinking of suicide, but just by smiling at them I would let them know that someone cares and even this small gesture could be enough to change their thoughts.

This simple little message stuck with me and helps me to remember to smile at everyone I meet, but I certainly don't believe it is just limited to me, we ALL have the power to affect others with just a simple smile. Someone who does not smile very much is much harder to approach as we are always looking for the 'signal' of acceptance that a smile conveys.

Smiling is a Universal Message we all understand, when we smile at someone we communicate our openness to acceptance, a warmth and willingness to share of ourselves with others. It is the bridge to others that we all seek. 

For many years I would just simply smile, but on learning of how we all emit vibrations which has an affect on all we meet, I now also send (by thought) a blessing of Love and Light. 

First Smile

Smile at each other quote from Mother Teresa on photo of baby and girl - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByLucy & Jessica - 2002

The most eagerly awaited smile has got to be that first one from your newborn baby. After the first few weeks of settling into the experience of being a parent to your bundle of joy, you begin to look out for the mere trace of a smile when you are interacting with them. You've noticed and wondered about the 'smiles' produced when they are sleeping, windy or at any other time their lips move in an upward direction! But it is that first one that happens when you are looking at each other, Connected, and you just know that the smile they are reflecting back to you is 'real,' that makes your heart soar. You feel so blessed and proud of your little ones achievement that you want to share it with the world! This first smile, with the eyes and mouth, brings a deeper connection and is the start of a language we all use.

I have learnt so much through watching my grandchildren grow up. When you are a mother to young ones, your time and attention can be taken up with so much that it is all too easy to miss the simple things. I never noticed when my children were babies and toddlers how when they would do something that they weren't sure about, or fall over and 'possibly' hurt themselves, they would look to you for the 'signal' of how they should react. The 'smile of reassurance' is all they are looking for to let them know that everything is alright. 

My Walls Of Joy

family photowall - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByMy family-photowall

I have always loved family photographs and although I have my favourite ones where the subjects are deep in thought or some other pose, it is the smiling faces that I really love to look at. I have so many wonderful photographs of all my family through the years that I use them as 'wallpaper' in my bedroom. I find that it's impossible to be 'down' for even a moment when you are surrounded by a multitude of your loved ones smiling faces. It's also lovely to sit and look at them and go back in time to all those happy memories.

Most of the photographs I printed out and laminated around eleven years ago, it was not long after my third grandchild was born. Due to moving house, this is the third time I have arranged my pictures, but there have been many additions to the family since then so I am slowly going through and printing out more recent years to add to my walls of joy. 

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