Nothing Is Just Coincidence

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22nd May 2013

Nothing Is Just Coincidence
Every Tree In Life's Garden Bears Significance

For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that nothing is just a coincidence and everything in life happens for a reason.  I don't ever remember being 'taught' this by my parents or learning it some other way but it has always been a belief that has helped me to get through the challenges in my life.  Whenever something happened that I was not happy about, I would tell myself this and patiently wait for the good to come out of it. Over time the problem would just be forgotten about or I would acknowledge the benefit that had developed from what had happened.  I never used to think of this as being to do with the good things in life, my focus was on when negative things happened.

In 1995 I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, it is written as a novel about a man's spiritual awakening, but is more of a parable of spiritual truths. The main character goes on a journey to discover a series of nine spiritual insights on an ancient manuscript in Peru.  The first insight is about coincidences and how many people are feeling restless and looking for more meaning in life.  By paying more attention to all of the coincidences that happen you realize that they are synchronistic events that will start you on your path to spiritual truth. 

I loved this book and have re-read it quite a few times over the years.  Back then though, I certainly did begin to notice synchronicity, and once I began to acknowledge this my life dramatically changed.  I had become interested in spirituality a few years before this, I read a lot of spiritual books and I started to collect together my favourite positive quotes and verses (which eventually turned into this website!) After reading this book I started to practice looking at auras around plants and give thought to the coincidences that were happening so often.  Within a few months, amazingly through my husbands choices, we were moving from a busy town to a beautiful countryside village, not only that but, the people that he had met who had facilitated the move; were focused on their spiritual paths, had read the book, had been to Findhorn (a spiritual sanctuary in Scotland) which I had been trying to find out about (no internet in those days!) and shared my interests, which my husband did not.   My husbands contact was to become my greatest friend and the person that I always think of when talking about coincidences as she has always fascinated me by the abundance of synchronicity that happens in her life on a daily basis. 

I had married young (17) to my childhood sweetheart who I'd known since I was six. We had three children who were teenagers and I thought that although we had grown apart somewhat, with the children getting older our lives would continue together and adjust. Just over a year after moving, I was devastated when my husband left me for someone who was only a few years older than our daughter, she was pregnant (which was another blow because I had wanted another child for years but had been unable to get pregnant - nothing is just coincidence!!!) It was a difficult few years for me, but running through it all were coincidences that I could acknowledge and these helped to ease the pain. 

Of course I now see that, from this experience I grew spiritually and emotionally, although at the time for me it was completely tragic.  I realized that I was not happy, although I had convinced myself I was, so it turned out to be a blessing in my life that this happened.

I continued to follow my spiritual path and in 2006 I discovered Abraham-Hicks. I read Ask And It Is Given and knew that this was extremely important to me, but I never really understood the teachings.  Several years later it took a series of coincidences along with my friend Sandra to bring me back to Abraham teachings and I began to really understand and utilize the Law of Attraction.  

Through Abraham-Hicks I have come to understand that indeed nothing is by chance because we cause it all to happen, we create it all. Looking back now to what was the worst event in my life, I can so clearly see that prior to this I was so unhappy, I was sending out thoughts of needing to move to the peace and solitude of the countryside. I was sending out constant thoughts of: my marriage is not working, we are growing apart because we want different things from life, I want a life of spirituality being the main focus. So that is what I created, but also I acknowledge that it was my husbands creation too, we co-created our future paths.

So I bless my ex for leaving me, I bless his second wife for being in his life and giving him the life that he wants, I bless their daughter for bringing them together and making them a family.  I wish them all a life of love and happiness.

Nothing is just coincidence, every tree in life's garden bears significance is one of my favourite quotes. It reminds me that, by appreciating the coincidences I am following my path and I adore trees so this gives me a wonderful visualization because a garden full of different types of trees, all shapes and sizes is my dream, which I know will one day become my reality.

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