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You are here to create the world around you that you choose, while you allow the world as others choose it to be to exist also - Abraham-Hicks - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByOne of my favourite 'Quotes To Live By'

Just to let you know when new pages or blog poems are added to the site. I am continually adding quotes to all pages.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

13th December 2018   

Ooopps! I never realised it has been so long since I added to this page! There have been more additions since I last updated this page in July! But for now I will just add this one...

Updated Page: Inspirational Christmas Poems

I have written three new poems for this Christmas:

  • A Handmade Christmas
  • A Handmade Gift
  • Jesus: The Christ

So these have been added to the page, but I have also divided the page into two sections: Spiritual Christmas Poems and Family Christmas Poems.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

27th July 2018   

New Page: Amira

A page full of inspirational poems, most of them in the short Haiku style, all written by Amira.

Amira's Learning From Nature Haiku poem: Ocean - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

11th July 2018   

New Poem: The Tree That Spoke, can be more easily read on my Sympathy Poem page

The Tree That Spoke - sympathy poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

27th June 2018   

New Page:

Intuition Quotes
What is intuition and how can we use it?

Dean Koontz quote: Intuition is seeing with the Soul. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

25th June 2018   

At long last I am coming to the end of adding the almost 4,000 quotes that were waiting on my database, although over the months that it has taken me to do this I have accumulated 45 pages of quotes ready for the next round! As before, with these updated pages I am adding many more photo-quotes too.

The recently updated pages are:

Encouragement: A - C   D - F   G - L   M - R   S - Z

Self: A & B   C - E   F - I   J - M   N - R   S & T   U - Z

Wisdom:    C & D   E & F   G & H   I - L   M   N - Q   R & S   T & U   V - Z

Benjamin Disraeli quote: Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think. - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByWarwick Castle, UK

Although I haven't written any quote poems for my blog in the past few months, I have written a few others including 'Backpacking In Paradise'

Backpacking In Paradise, inspirational sympathy poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

10th May 2018   

The Mother quotes are not spread over 3 pages:

A - F,    G to M,    N - Z

with lots of new photo/quotes too.

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote: Men are what their mothers made them. - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByMark & Doreen (2018)

I love this photo of my youngest brother and my mum. It was taken last month when Mark (a loving, gentle Soul) finally married the love of his life (Yvette). They have been together for many years and my mum longed for this 'official' day. She was so happy and proud to be there and this photo captured the moment for me to treasure.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

1st May 2018   

With many new quotes to add, I have been working on increasing the pages for each category so that there are approximately 100 quotes per page. Whilst doing so I am continuing to add many more photo-quotes than on the original pages. These are the latest additions:

Happiness:   A - E,   F - M,   N - Z  

Health:   A - J,   K - Z

Nature:   A - E,   F - L,   M - R,   S - Z

PeaceA - I,   J - Z 

Soul A - F,   G - N,   O - Z

SpiritualA - B,   C - E,   F - K,   L - M,   N - ST - Z 

Robert Muller quote: We are all passengers on the same planet, sailing towards eternity on the vast ocean of the universe. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

10th April 2018   

The quotes about Education are now on three pages, with a few more photo-quotes at the moment, but I am making more to be added soon:

A - E   F - M   N - Z

Benjamin Franklin quote: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

8th April 2018   

The popular page of Quotes About Children is now spread over three pages, with a lot more photo-quotes added too:

A - G   H - M   N - Z

John Whitehead quote: Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

4th April 2018   

From the original one page, there are now 497 Love Quotes, spread over 5 pages:

A - C   D - I   J - M   N - S   T - Z

I have also updated all of the People Pages (making sure all their quotes from other pages are added, and included more pictures).

In the past I made the picture quotes only a few at a time and added them occasionally to relevant pages after they were posted on Facebook. However, over the past few weeks I have made well over 100 quote pictures, which I am now adding to pages before they go on Facebook.

Henry David Thoreau quote: You must live in the present. Launch yourself on every wave, find your destiny in each moment. - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByOne of the new picture quotes
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

22nd February 2018   

The positive Attitude quotes are now spread over 8 pages:

A - B   C - D   E - G   H - K   L - M   N - R   S - T   U - Z

Spiritual Quotes To Live By

13th February 2018   

I would just like to update on why there have been no new pages and only one blog entry so far this year.

Every day I come across inspiring quotes that I would like to add to this site. My process is to type them out, check if I already have them and if I have the details for the source/author. I then add them to a database ready to add to the site which do every now and again. 

However, at the beginning of this year my list of quotes to be added had almost reached 4,000 so I decided to concentrate on clearing this huge list. 

Since January, I have added approx 1,400 quotes on various pages. I am now adding to the pages which have over 250 new quotes to be added to them. Because of the vast numbers to be added I am having to re-sort and add more pages (otherwise they will load too slowly). I am also adding more pictures to the pages at the same time. 

I have just completed the Law Of Attraction pages. There were just two pages before I added the new quotes, now there are six:

A - C    D - F    G - J    K - N    O - S    T - Z 

The other extensive (existing) pages to be completed are: Attitude, Love, Spiritual, Self and Wisdom. Then I also have hundreds of quotes ready for many new pages.

Please Note:
On this page I delete the oldest entries when adding new ones.

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