Look On Everything As Though...

Quote from Betty Smith on photograph

6th September 2011

Look On Everything As Though You Are Seeing It
For Either The First, Or The Last Time
Then Your Days On Earth Will Be Filled With Glory

Betty Smith

One of the sayings of Abraham-Hicks is to "See your world through the eyes of Source" I think that this quote has a similar meaning. When we look on everything as though seeing it for the first or maybe the last time, we look at it more closely, we appreciate it more, we see the beauty in its shape, the colours are more vibrant and we feel a sense of wonder.

The more you do this the more you notice all around you, there is great beauty everywhere, when you are willing to 'open' your eyes to see it.

I am amazed at the difference in how I 'see' the world now, compared to a couple of years ago. Everywhere I go I love to look around at nature, especially trees. I have always liked trees, but now I'm mesmerized by their beauty. Everywhere I go I notice the trees, when I'm driving I send thoughts to the trees (or if I'm alone I'll say out loud), I thank them for their beauty and energy that they give to the world, or I'll just say bless you or namaste to them.

I know that my thoughts are energy and the trees can pick up the vibration. When I first began to really appreciate the beauty of trees it was winter time, so most of them were bare and I remember thinking that it will be a shame when they are full of leaves because I won't be able to see the shape and patterns of the branches, but of course when the spring came and they began to bud and come alive, it was another wonder to behold.

The photograph was just a piece of ground in the woods close to my home, which wouldn't have got my attention at all before I began seeing my world through the Eyes of Source, but now I see so much colour and abundance of 'life' in a small patch of ground...Amazing!