Life Is Too Important
To Take Seriously

Life is too important to take seriously, quote on photo o

5th October 2011

Life Is Too Important
To Take Seriously

One of the most important things that I have learnt over the past few years is that life is supposed to be FUN. We are here to create and experience a life of love and joy, but for most of us the seriousness of everything that is going on in our personal, family and work lives gets a hold on us and is difficult to let go of.

For most people it seems that there is so much negative 'stuff' going on worldwide: wars, oppression, violence, neglect etc.. and the majority of people have a continuous struggle with having enough money to pay taxes, bills, debts or even being able to feed their families. We have been manipulated for many years to believe that we need to: fight to survive - work for a living - pay our taxes - clear our debts - worry about tomorrow - be stressed when things aren't going well - have perfect bodies - feel guilty for not giving our children enough of anything - follow rules & laws... basically to feel that life is a constant struggle and we are powerless to change it.

But each day, more and more people are Awakening to their true potential. We are here creating our lives, each and every moment. We have the power within us to change, not only our own personal lives, but the whole world. This is such an important time in the history of our world to be here...we chose to be here NOW. Our world is changing before our eyes, if we are willing to 'open' them. For many many years there has been more negativity being created than positivity, but now as more people become spiritually aware we have at long last broken this cycle and the 'Light' is pouring into our planet. Positive energy is so much more powerful than negative, so now that we have turned the tide, I believe that we can expect some wonderful things to be happening very soon.

This excellent clip from Abraham-Hicks is about feeling good NOW... which is the way to a positively abundant life.

Life really is too important to take seriously... so go and have some fun... NOW.

The photograph is of my youngest daughter and her two children when we were out for a walk in 2010

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