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9th April 2015

Let Us Dream Of Tomorrow,
Where We Can Truly Love From The Soul
And Know Love As The Ultimate Truth
At The Heart Of All Creation
Michael Jackson

Let Us Dream Of Tomorrow...

It used to be mainstream thought that 'day-dreaming' was an idle thing to do, people who day-dreamed were just wasting time and not living in reality. Now though, it is becoming more well known that using our imagination is a powerful tool to create our future.

Day-dreaming, imagining, picturing, visualizing all mean the same thing -  using our thoughts and mind power to attract the things that we desire, into our reality. 

Professional sports men and women will visualize winning, not just once, but over and over again, and then go on to achieve their goal. Creative people often find it easier to understand the link between thought and creation because of the way they produce their work, but now even scientists have discovered that thought affects reality. 

By focusing on, imagining, seeing ourselves living a life of love, joy and happiness, we are not only make ourselves feel better in that moment of time, but we are helping to create this as our future reality. By conjuring up positive emotions and enthusiasm, while visualizing these loving thoughts, we add strength to the positive feelings and put more power into the manifesting of these desires at a faster rate.

Where We Can Truly Love From The Soul...
We use the word 'Love' to express our deepest heartfelt emotion that we feel for the most important person or people in our lives and yet the same word is used to describe our liking for something as simple as a cup of coffee. It seems that 'Love' is a vast word used to describe a multitude of feelings.

The power of the love you feel for different people is also so varied. As a child you love your parents and think that this is the strongest love of all. Then you grow up and discover the love for a partner which is so different, but yet the same, and this then becomes your strongest felt love. If you are blessed with a child the love you feel for that precious little bundle can be so powerfully overwhelming that you think that you could never love another in the same way, and then another child is born and your love just keeps on blossoming into new depths of discovery. Really that one word is just not adequate enough to cover the various areas of loving relationships. 

The degree to how much the word 'Love' is used varies from person to person too. Some people can say 'I love you' as easily as 'thank you' and others find it an unapproachable subject. It's a constant theme in movies and books that saying those 'magic words' to another person is a difficult obstacle to cross, and once done you wait for the response... will you hear them repeated back to you?  

To truly love from the Soul, is being who we really are... Beings of Love and Light, who are focused into these physical bodies to experience letting the Love flow or not. To whatever degree we are allowing ourselves to experience this in each present moment we will feel highs and lows, good and bad, love and hate.

And Know Love As The Ultimate Truth At The Heart Of All Creation
Ultimately we are all unique Beings of Love who are as One with Source Energy creating our own reality.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

This wonderful quote from Michael Jackson says so much about the Law of Attraction, I believe that he was a gentle, loving Soul who came to show us many different things.

His amazingly creative music, dance and showmanship brought so much joy, pleasure and inspiration to millions worldwide. His lifestyle and personal life (not that I claim to know, but the 'story' we are led to believe) shows us how upbringing and society mould us. We all make mistakes in life, but we don't have our lives scrutinized and splashed all over the news worldwide. Through Michael's life we were able to witness the strength of the media's power in ridiculing and destroying someone who is different.
I give love and thanks to Michael for his life that is an inspiration to 'Let Us Dream' and create a more loving, accepting world. God Bless you Michael.

Spiritual Quotes To Live By
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