It Is The Nature Of Babies
To Be In Bliss

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10th October 2011

It Is The Nature Of Babies
To Be In Bliss

Deepak Chopra

Babies and young children are such wonderful examples of how to live life in the NOW moment. They haven't developed our bad habits of worrying about any future or past events, as long as they are not uncomfortable (hungry, tired, or in pain etc..) they are always happy just to Be.

I love to just sit and watch my younger grandchildren as they explore their world around them. Their fascination with the simplest of things is a delight to observe and helps me to remember that to be in bliss is easiest if we live as young children, always happy in the NOW moment.

The photograph was taken in 2003 and is of one of my grandaughters, Lucy. Lucy was a really happy baby, which I'm sure was helped by the fact that she had not only her mother and father's love and attention but as they were living with me at the time, mine too. I spent a lot of time with Lucy in her early years so we do share a special closeness.

Take a look at this video, it's just of a baby laughing at ripping paper, but it is so infectious, I'm sure you will at least be smiling if not laughing too.

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