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These feel good videos are an excellent way of uplifting your spirit and raising your vibration. There are so many wonderful videos to be found on the internet, we now have the choice of what to watch and bring focus on in our lives, we have always had the choice to switch off any negative 'stuff' but now we can find so much positivity out there...it's so easy to feel good.

Love, Light, Blessings

Feel Good Video

I just had to include this in these feel good videos, it's a simple short film that's a love story but with an ongoing message of how we are all affected by the thoughts and words of those around us, whether positive or negative. We all want to feel loved and of value and this brilliant video shows what a diffence one person can make to the lives of others.

Quotes from Hugh Newman in this video:

YOU... you are awesome.

You are great.

What you do is so important.

I just love to see people smile.

You guys have every reason to smile...you're gorgeous.

You are amazing.

Love, Light, Blessings

The Animal Odd Couple
Feel Good Video

This is a wonderful feel good video of two animals that you wouldn't expect to see together, an elephant and a dog. Tara and Bella's story is amazing and is a beautiful example of a loving bond and friendship.

Quotes from the news reader on this video:

Just two living creatures who somehow managed to look past their immense differences.

For three weeks the dog lay motionless up in the sanctuary office, and for three weeks the elephant held vigil.

Today their love and trust is stronger than ever.

Take a good look world, if they can do it, what's our excuse?

Love, Light, Blessings

Listen With Your Heart

On my Nature quotes page there is a shorter version of this wonderful video about trees. This longer version uses different music, slightly different words and of course there are more beautiful photographs of trees.

I love these feel good videos as I am so drawn to trees, the words make so much sense to me as I do feel that we can learn so much from these majestic, awesome examples of Divine beauty. The more time I spend with trees, the more I feel the need to touch them and bless them for all they do for us.

The purpose of Trees is to express Love in merely BEING
resonates with my own conclusion.

Listen With Your Heart.

We are the trees. We, too are Record Keepers. Our branches are layered with information. Our leaves are recording plates that capture your words and actions as you walk by. You can talk to us and we will record your words, even your nuances of speech. It is like turning a dial on a recording device and you talk into it. We are better than that, since we don't run on technology - it is built into us.

Our leaves look thin to your eyes, yet hold volumes of information that appears automatically to you in vision and sound when you 'switch on' to us. We are self-contained books holding the records of the Earth. As our leaves sway to and fro in the wind we are sweeping the ethers and picking up pertinent information that is necessary to sustain life. It is all encoded, and you can easily break the code.

We can answer any question you ask, if you just learn to hear us. We speak loud and clear to your heart - not your ear.

We trees comprise a vast underground communications network that records all events and is privy to all that is about to occur. If you want to know what is going to happen anywhere on Earth, just stand next to one of us, put your hand on our trunk, and ask your question. We will answer.

We Trees are guardians...sentinels stationed on Earth to serve here along with you in partnership as caretakers. We are encoded with cosmic intelligence and graced by the Divine just as you are... only we are aware of our gifts and use them to create only harmony.

You can read us as we read you..
YOU are a Living Library and can turn the pages within your soul to access all there is to know. It is built into you... it is you. We ask you to reach out, touch us, talk to us, walk amongst us, sit with us, hug us, love us... and listen with your heart.

The purpose of Trees is to express Love in merely BEING.

The Trees are the Living Libraries embodied in bark that we, as humans, can easily 'tap' into their vast library. The Trees are 'open' to all, and not closed in their belief systems or ways of thinking. They are open to the Universe and to all life around them, and welcome information coming in from all sources and all places.

When you open your doors to the Living Libraries all around you, and take advantage of their accumulation of wealth of knowledge that you need in your lives, you can fulfill your missions here on Earth with greater ease and grace.

First step... Give intent for it.

Second step... Consciously connecting and communing with the Trees.
Third step... Walk amongst them, touch them, sit with them.
Voila! You will be privy to their information and will find yourselves able to tap into their vast storage system with no effort. It is that easy. This is the code to enter the Trees' library.

The Trees give us the oxygen to breathe. We give them the carbon dioxide they need to breathe. It is a complete cycle of living energy. The Trees are our in-breath, our outbreath gives them their in-breath. If one of us becomes extinct, the other immediately follows. This is the cycle of life that all are dependent on. We all need each other to live, and we are just now discovering this dependency. All species are part of this great life cycle, and all are needed to keep it perfectly functioning. It is the great rhythm of life that we all carry out together.

The Trees are yearning to communicate with us, they are yearning to feel our touch and embrace us in their love and energy. They have been waiting eons to have human reconnect with them again.

Make a Tree Connection today...

Responsibility for the
Earth and the

The Trees' Message To Humanity
Know that our love for humanity is deep and profound for you are the Caretakers of the Earth, and this is your domain. This is your world to love and to cherish. We only remind you of the great responsibility you have, so that you can fulfill it.

The video is made by
Oribel, using the words from the book 'Tree Talk - Messages From The Earth's Trees' by Dianne Robbins,
the music is from Roger Subirana called A Piece Of Heaven.

Love, Light, Blessings

Abraham Hicks & Wayne Dyer

For me personally the ultimate feel good videos are from Abraham-Hicks. This one is great to listen to as not only is it words of wisdom from Abraham but it also features questions from Wayne Dyer. They are talking about how to look at the problems that are going on in the world.

The video is from Gisele Frederich, the recording is from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in May 2003, and the music is Gabriel's Oboe by Ennio Morricone from the movie The Mission.

Love, Light, Blessings

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