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Blog 2015
For this Spiritual Quotes To Live By blog I am writing about each of the quote/photographs that I have put on my Facebook Page (of the same name). Starting with the first photo (added to Facebook on 25th August 2010) I am very slowly (lol) working my way through.

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Spiritual Quotes To Live By

November 2015

12th November 2015

A House Is Made Of Walls And Beams
A Home Is Made Of Love And Dreams


From my age of one to ten, my family lived in an old cottage in a South Oxfordshire village. For various reasons, such as the remote location and no transport, my mother was not happy there, so in 1971, when we moved to an almost brand new house in a town, she was so happy and said that she would never again live in an old cottage. Over the years we moved as a family several times and then as each of their children left home, my parents moved a few more. The houses though were never too old, mostly quite new.

In 1999 my parents were looking for a new home. One evening I went with my mother to a Spiritualist meeting where she was told by a medium (who knew nothing about the house-hunting) that she would soon find the perfect home, and she'd know it was the one by the public telephone on the grass verge outside. It wasn't long after this, that what seemed by chance, they were told of a house available. On going to view the property, my father loved it, especially as it was so close to the golf course! But my mother didn't like it because it was an old cottage, on the positive side for her though, it had a large 'blank' garden for her to develop. However, she did notice...

June 2015

Be Love, Seek Joy - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

8th June 2015

"Help Us To Find God."
"No One Can Help You There"
"Why Not?"
"For The Same Reason That No One Can Help The Fish To Find The Ocean."

Stephen Torroff

I love this quote from Stephen Torroff (also known as the psychic surgeon) this is one of the first quotes I was drawn to many years ago, I think I wrote it down from a cassette recording of a lecture he done in London, which I have unfortunately lost. I used to listen to it often as apart from what he was saying (and doing during the lecture) his voice was one that I found entrancing.

Not knowing what to write next, I went and picked up one of his books on my bookshelf and flicked through, the first part to draw my attention was...

"I believe that we are all a part of God, that we have all come from God and that we are all on a journey back to God. But more than that, we have...

April 2015

Love, Light, Blessings - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

25th April 2015

It Is The Key That Fits The Lock Of Everybody's Heart

Anthony D'Angelo

Thinking that it was about time I wrote another blog, I looked at the next quote from my list yesterday and thought 'What on earth can I write about smiling!' So I never started.

Today though I was in a better frame of mind and sat down and prepared the page. I knew that if I asked for guidance, ideas would come to me, as they always do. I simply closed my eyes, took some deep breaths, surrounded myself with love and light and asked in my mind for guidance in what to write, knowing that my request would be answered. Immediately the Abraham-Hicks quote from their book "Ask And It Is Given" came to mind and then I 'remembered'...

9th April 2015

Let Us Dream Of Tomorrow
Where We Can Truly Love From The Soul
And Know Love As The Ultimate Truth
At The Heart Of All Creation

Michael Jackson

Let Us Dream Of Tomorrow...
It used to be mainstream thought that 'day-dreaming' was an idle thing to do, people who day-dreamed were just wasting time and not living in reality. Now though, it is becoming more well known that using our imagination is a powerful tool to create our future.

Day-dreaming, imagining, picturing, visualizing all mean the same thing -  using our thoughts and mind power to attract the things that we desire, into our reality. 

Professional sports men and women will visualize winning, not just once, but over and over again, and then...

Be Love, Seek Joy - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

January 2015

31st January 2015

The Amen Of Nature Is Always A Flower
Oliver Wendell Holmes

My favourite time of year is just around the corner... Spring. After the long, cold, dark winter months, the daylight hours slowly increase. Shoots and buds begin to form everywhere and the promise of warmer days ahead lingers in the air.

Since a little girl I have always loved the blossoming trees of Spring time. The sheer abundance of perfect pure white flowers and beautiful shades of pink have never failed to catch my attention. It was to be many years until...

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