Beware Of What You
Set Your Heart Upon

Beware of what you set your heart upon, for it shall surely be yours - Ralph Waldo Emerson - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

7th June 2016

Beware Of What You Set Your Heart Upon
For It Shall Surely Be Yours
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote all about the Law of Attraction is one that I have known for many years before I'd ever heard of the expression. It is one that has had a great significance throughout my life...

When I was six my dad learned to drive. His driving instructor was very friendly and they chatted about many things including enjoying playing sports. The instructor suggested that my dad joined the cricket team that he played for, and so began many years of our family spending the summer weekends going off to various villages in the Oxfordshire countryside. The men would play their game of cricket while their wives and children either watched the game, played, or went for walks around the villages, having a picnic tea and then after the game going to the village pub. It was a lovely way to spend our weekends together, and shaped in many varied ways, my life that was to come. I have three brothers and the driving instructor also had a family of four children, two of each. So, we ended up spending time together over the years that followed.

One of the things we would do, to pass the time, was visit the village church and explore the graveyard. In those days the churches were all left open, so you could go inside. Although we did not go to church as a family, we enjoyed looking around the churches. This is one of the things that has stayed with me over the years, I still love to visit churches and graveyards, unfortunately though most churches are kept locked, so I just have to make do with admiring the outside and exploring the graveyard. I find them such peaceful places and they usually have amazing old trees around them. This interest is passing on through the generations as I recently discovered that some of my grandchildren also like to look around graveyards and find them fascinating. Recently I took four of them to a park near their home and to get to it we had to walk through a graveyard. On our return trip I was surprised when the four year old suddenly (for no apparent reason) started singing 'Happy Birthday to you' loudly as we walked through, I explained where we were and he replied 'I know' and continued to sing! I was amazed that he should choose that particular song in our surroundings.

Getting back to the cricket...
I grew up liking the driving instructors oldest son. I was a shy, self-conscious teenager and so when I was fifteen and he asked me out, I was very surprised, but overjoyed. It turned out that he only asked me because he had tickets for a dance, and no one else he asked wanted to go with him. It was something our parents were going to as well, so his dad had suggested me, as everyone knew that I fancied him! This was to be my first proper date and boyfriend! He was four and half years older than me, so his intention was just to go on the one date and that would be it.

Now, forty years later, I can clearly see, that the intoxication of having someone devoted to you is a powerful force. He became the main focus of my life, even his mother told him that I had him 'hook, line and sinker,' and it was at some point in those early months that this quote came into my head...

Beware Of What You Set Your Heart Upon,
For It Shall Surely Be Yours.

It's strange because I have a really clear memory of where I was when this quote just came to me; I was just walking along to my friends house. I don't know where I had got it from, but at that time I just gave it a slight ponder, and then had an inner knowing that it would all work out -  we would be together... forever!

My heart was surely set... and two years later we were married. 

But, we were not a good match. Once I became a mother, my 'devotion' turned towards my children. I was only seventeen when we married and I became a mother not long after I was eighteen. Over the next few years we had two more children, but as the years continued we grew further apart. Our beliefs and focus on life were going in different directions as I began to explore the Spiritual side of life, my mind was full of questions and I wanted to find and experience more, so my heart was set upon a different course...

Beware Of What You Set Your Heart Upon,
For It Shall Surely Be Yours.

Through my husbands work and friendship with a sales rep for an organic farm, he wanted to move and help out on the farm in his spare time. I was happy to move as I lived in a village as a child and always wanted to go back to this environment. So as a family we moved to a small pretty village, where I discovered there were other like-minded people: a couple who started a local spiritualist church, a family who home-schooled and travelled the world playing their devotional, chanting music and most importantly the 'sales rep' was actually an artist who had visited spiritual places that I wanted to know about, and we became great (life-long) friends. But, whereas the move enhanced my life, it made the distance between my husband and I grow even more. We were both unhappy and although, at that time, I believed marriage was for life, within 18 months of the move, the inevitable ending of our marriage occurred. At the time I was devastated, although even then, I knew we were incompatible, but I was truly thankful to be living where I was.

What You Set Your Heart Upon
Will Surely By Yours

The years continued as my children became adults and parents themselves. My youngest daughter had married, but still lived with me. Her first two children were born before they all moved on, so I was around to enjoy the early years of these two grandchildren. When they did move it wasn't very far away, but we all missed being together, but knew that they needed their own 'family' space. So my daughter and I thought that the ideal situation would be to live next door to each other. We talked about it quite often saying how good it would be, but had no idea how it would happen. Our hearts were set... Then, about 18 months after she moved, her next door neighbour (so close, they shared the same doorstep) told her that they were moving, so my son and I contacted the agents to apply for the house. They didn't even know that the family were moving! So we were certainly in there first, but there were many 'hurdles' to jump (that with rational thinking we would not have got over) but I just 'knew' that it would all turn out right, and of course it did! 

Without my kids, my house would be clean, my wallet would be full, but my heart would be empty. Spiritual Quotes To Live ByMy daughters and grandchildren on the doorstep (2010)

Beware Of What You Set Your Heart Upon
For It Will Surely Be Yours

We were there for quite a few years, when another chain of events led us to be moving on again. My daughter's family had grown too big for the 2 bedroomed house and the houses were due to be knocked down within a few years, so we knew we would have to be moving at some point. Within a couple of days of each other; my daughter was offered a house and my parents were offered a flat (as their large cottage was too big for them). Although my daughter turned down the house, we knew it wouldn't be long till they moved and I the idea came to me of taking over my parents cottage, where I had spent many hours admiring and taking photographs of my mother's beautiful garden. This move too, in the practical world of reality, should not have gone through, but once my heart was set on this being the best thing, I just began packing and getting ready for the move. I helped my parents move out and actually spent one night alone at the cottage, during this time I had a chance to 'be' with it and I must admit I did have some niggling doubts about the move, but we were all set and it seemed the best thing, so I just brushed them off knowing that if it was meant to happen it would, so I just decided to wait and see.

When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives. - Louise Hay - Spiritual Quotes To Live ByThe cottage (early 2000's when my parents lived there)

Yet again, the quote was right. And even though we didn't pass all of the criteria, the cottage was offered to us and we moved a few days later.  At first it was lovely to be in such a big cottage with a wonderful large garden full of beautiful trees, plants and flowers. But over a period of time it became obvious that at some point we would have to move on again as the house and garden took a lot of maintaining. The things that had given me doubts before also became more prominent. I began to look around for other properties, but everything was way too expensive, so I just used the Law of Attraction: putting it out there that we needed to move to somewhere smaller, lighter and warmer with not such a large garden and let it go, but remembering to appreciate the good points of what we did have at that time. I knew that what was meant to happen would, in its own time.

What You Set Your Heart Upon Will Surely Be Yours

It wasn't many months later, when out of the blue, we were offered to rent the house of someone in our family, it wasn't going to be for about a year, so we didn't think much about it for a few months. But, once we made a decision to go ahead with the move, everything changed and speeded up and we moved five weeks later. We had seen the house a few years before, but never went to see it again until the night before we moved in! We were over the moon, the house that I remembered was nothing like the one we moved into... all of the things I had focused on were perfect, it was smaller (but bigger than I remembered), full of light (the cottage was quite dark inside) and although it had storage heaters (the same as we had in the cottage) they work so much better and with double glazing it makes all the difference. 

I am so happy in our new home, not only is the house wonderful and has a blank canvas for a garden for me to create, but I have also discovered that the village is beautiful and has many footpaths of amazing nature walks, so there is always something new for me to photograph for my enjoyment and quotes.

Grandchildren on nature walk where I now live (2016)
Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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