Be At Peace

Be at peace quote on photo of pink cosmos flower

30th May 2012

Be At Peace
And See A Clear Pattern And Plan Running Through Your Lives
Nothing Is By Chance
Eileen Caddy

I have liked this quote for many years, since I was first introduced to Eileen Caddy’s books in the late 90’s.

Nothing is by chance is something that has always rang true to me, I have always thought that everything happens for a reason. When something occurred in my life that I didn’t like, I would tell myself that something good would come out of it, and it always did. I’m not saying that difficult periods in my life were easy, when you are overflowing with negative emotions, because of something that has happened, you can’t see the wood for the trees, but I would get through by knowing that something good would eventually develop. My interpretation of this quote was that, whatever happened, good or bad, it was to do with my destiny or pre-birth life plan.

Over recent years I have been learning about the Law of Attraction, which I can now see is a large part of Eileen Caddy’s work, (but from what I have read she never mentioned this term). I can now see a deeper meaning to this quote. Be At Peace is the key to it all, as when you can remain peaceful and calm, no matter what is going on in your world, then you know that Your wood is Your magnificent creation, abundant with beautiful trees. All of your roots are firmly planted in the earth and your growth is always towards the Light.

By remaining focused on Peace, Love, Beauty and Gratitude we attract more of the same things into our lives, with practice and as time goes on it becomes much easier to see the pattern or plan, the more positive and centred you are on these positive emotions, the faster things come to you. Whether it’s thoughts and ideas or physical things, Your Vibrational Energy is bringing everything to you. Nothing is by chance because YOU create it!

It took me many years to really understand the truth that we create our own reality, and I know from experience that telling others this can sometimes be upsetting to them. But I believe that there is now a Spiritual Awakening going on around our planet, everyday more and more people are accepting and understanding this natural law of attraction. Our thoughts create our world and the way that we will change our world for the better is to change our thoughts, it really is as simple as that!

The photograph has meaning to me as it is one of the earlier ones that I took when I first began to really see the beauty in nature. It is of a Cosmos flower from my mum’s garden, I just love the perfection and vibrant colour of the simple flower, and now I love to grow and enjoy my own.

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