Romantic Love Quotes To Live By

Romantic love quotes have been used by lovers throughout history to convey the depth of their emotion. Although romantic love is not our first or only experience of love, it is usually the most longed for and talked about in life. We all like to hear those three little words, I Love You, from that … Continue reading “Romantic Love Quotes To Live By”

Friendship Sayings

Illustrated by Sandra Reeves These positive and inspirational friendship sayings are all words of love and wisdom that are from unknown sources. For quotes from known people take a look at the Friendship Quotes page. The illustrations on this page are by my wonderful friend Sandra Reeves. Sandra is a friend that is always there for … Continue reading “Friendship Sayings”

Healing & Health Quotes To Live By

These health quotes are all positive and inspirational words of wisdom about being healthy and also about healing. Keeping uplifted and positive is vitally important towards all aspects of our life, but none is felt more than in the health of our body and mind. The Law of Attraction teaches us that all illness and … Continue reading “Healing & Health Quotes To Live By”

Nature Quotes To Live By

These inspirational nature quotes are all positive sayings and verse that are reminders for us to appreciate the simple things in life that are all around us. At the beginning of 2010, through learning more and more about the law of attraction, I began to ‘see’ my world differently. Now, whenever I go out into … Continue reading “Nature Quotes To Live By”

Positive Sayings about Mothers

Julie & Amy These sayings about mothers are all positive words of love and wisdom about the many blessings of mothers and being a mother. There are also many more wonderful phrases and verse from known sources on the Quotes about Mothers page. Sayings about mothers are listed alphabetically  Sayings About Mothers:  A    A … Continue reading “Positive Sayings about Mothers”

Spiritual Verse For Children

This page of my spiritual verse for children is full of positive rhymes that will help to explain spiritual concepts to children of all ages.  The law of attraction, past lives, self healing, why we are here  etc… are all covered in fun way that children will easily remember. The idea of writing these spiritual … Continue reading “Spiritual Verse For Children”